The Dressing History historical interpretation service offers a wide range of characters, both in third and first person, and covers the 16th to 19th centuries. Many of the characters portrayed are real historical people, and are presented as my interpretation, after thorough research, of what that person was truly like. I can also offer more general services, using a constructed character of my own, for any era, or alternatively I can give various demonstrations. Please contact for details and fees applicable.

Jane Austen © Dressing History


Characters Available

  • Jane Austen 1790s, or 1800s
  • Charlotte Bronte 1830s
  • Jemima Yorke, Marchioness Grey 1740s
  • Lady Amabel Yorke 1770s
  • Marion Syratt C16th
  • Molly Young (Maid) C18th
  • Mary Zouche 1540s
  • Or a specially constructed character

Demonstrations Available

  • Needlework C19th
  • Singing C18th and C19th
  • Letter writing Early C19th
  • Dorset button making C18th


Serena Dyer